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BBBW (acronym for "Big Beautiful Black Woman")
is a vaguely-defined, fairly widespread subculture
generally defined as an attractive, self-confident
"woman of size and color".

A BBBW comes in many shapes and sizes, each
one being as beautiful as the next, with each
individual BBW being as interesting, and as
individual as the other. A BBBW should be treated
with respect, just as any other woman. Regardless
of size, a BBBW still has brains and emotions to be
valued and respected.

I'm headed to the BBBW dance party.

I'm a black bbw who loves to dance.
by Treasures Queen April 18, 2008
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A bbbw is a big black beautiful woman. This is a more descriptive version of a bbw. Since black men are more likely to enjoy the booty, women who are seeking a brother in personal ads will describe themselves as bbw's. However, the bbbw is possesive of her black men, and does not want them skeezin with white chicks. Therefore she will proudly assert that she is not only a bbw, but a bbbw!
24 y/o BBBW. ISO of a fine black man who can handle my junk in the trunk and my daughter Destiny.
by Zuchinibut aka Mr. Incredible January 31, 2006
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