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A Bützchen is a tradition in the German area of the Rhineland. Only there it is common in daily life, but especially in the carnival season. People usually ask their Counterpart, if they can give a Bützchen to him or her. When they receive a "Yes" they press their lips on the cheek of the other for a very short moment. That does not mean, that the counterpart wants to get in touch orally or physically. A "No" should be respected, otherwise a painful slap in the face can be the result, because women in the area of the Rhineland are very famous for their self-awareness. A Bützchen in that way just expresses Happiness and Sympathy. In the Rhineland a Bützchen is given from people of all ages to people of all ages.

But for people in about the same age a Bützchen also can be understood as a non-binding first step for a relationship and in that way -- what is very common in this German region -- at the end can become real love between two equals.
Darf ich Dir ein Bützchen geben?
Nimmst Du ein Bützchen an?
by Bonner_Kussmund May 09, 2013
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