A person, usually female, who is employed by a club owner to solicit drinks from patrons. B Drinkers use affection, attention and flirting to scam poor, lonely men into buying overpriced drinks (which are sold as liquor and are frequently watered down Kool-Aid) in exchange for a little of their time. A B Drinker is frequently a prostitute who tries to persuade patrons into buying other "goods and services" like drugs and sex. B Drinkers usually work with other B Drinkers in running an evening of scams, at the same establishment, until they wear the patron down or get him drunk enough to be talked into more costly activities. B Drinkers frequently save their swizzle stick from each drink and turn it into the club owner at the end of the night as an accounting method for their "cut" of the overpriced drink sales. B Drinkers commit the illegal act of B Drinking, which is punishable by law. They are commonly found in coastal Mississippi and Louisiana bars and clubs.
Dorie, a B Drinker at the Fox's Den, got arrested by ATC Agents, along with the club owner and several other B Drinkers.

Some sleazy B Drinker scammed that poor, lonely Airman out of his entire paycheck when he bought her fake Cosmos all evening last Saturday.
by MSMiss September 1, 2010
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Someone who drinks a B-drink; a young woman hired to sit at a bar and induce the customers to buy her drinks, or spend money at the bar; a B-girl.
"That po gal." Jones explored a booth with the broom. "Hustlin water, runnin erran. Whoa!" "Ring up the precinct about her. She's a B-drinker."
by GaderKadoz July 6, 2022
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