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the Italian soccer team, who can hold a soild defence and push forword when they see their opprotunities, the person who wrote about they whole thing about how evil italians are, hes probly 19 years old, lives with his mom, and is very proud of his polish ansestry, the italian team rocks and will keep rocking for ever
paul: hey have you seen how good the azzurri are doing in world cup 06'?
some english person: you itlians are soo ignorant compared to us, your team are cheaters, the only reason i say this is because i am very gay, litterally, and feel i must try to put people who are better than me down
Paul: dude shut up the england got knocked out by portugal
by ypressurself? July 08, 2006
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o1. 2006 world cup Champions
o2. An amazing soccer team who deserved the FIFA CUP despite what others said.
o3. World cup champions of the years 1934, 1936, 1982 and 2006

Azzurri won the world cup on July 9th, 2006
Azzurri kicks ass =)
by xo.stephiee August 17, 2006
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Is the italian national team in soccer (football in europe). Is often characterized as cheater beacause others are jealous of their success and plain and simple dont like italians. They have one of the best defence in the world. They have the best and most paid goaltender in the world. Have many of the worlds finest and most talented players such as Totti, Toni, Gattuso, Pirlo, Zambrotta, Nesta, Cannavaro, Gilardino, etc... Many see them as woossies and fakers wich is not the case. They get injured like any other player in any other team and fake just as much as everyone else. Every single team fakes. Thats how the game is. So far in the post-qualification FIFA 2006, they have only conceeded one goal, wich was an own goal. They have an unbeaten streak of 23 games. They also have 3 world cup titles under their belt. The proof that italy is not paying the refs is that Materazzi got an unfair RED card and a suspension. De Rossi got suspended 4 games with a RED.

The Australia case:

The italians deserved the win. Period. They had double the opportunities of australia, more shots on goal, and played one man down for 40 min. on a LUCKY call for australia on Materazzi. (no more then a yellow card should have been given). Neil then obstructed Grosso when he was one on one with the australian goaltender in the penalty zone with another player ready to cross. Grosso lost ballance on the play and fell BECAUSE of NEIL. so... Free kick... in the penalty zone.--> Penalty kick. It was just a bad move from neil to go down in the Penalty zone. It wasn't a lucky play. It was a fair play. Indeed it sucks to get eliminated like that. But think of it this way, Italy lost in the Final in penalty kicks... Lifes' a bitch.
People criticize us, but then they want to dress and eat like us. There's a bit of jealousy.-NESTA -AZZURRI
by AZZURRITALIA July 01, 2006
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Azzurri (Italian football team) that has mastered the art of conning match officials in receiving free kicks or penalties for diving to assist them in their victories.

Cheats, cheated and / or cheating, including but not limited to diving.

Italian character – the ability to sack an immigrant because the immigrant’s nation of birth defeated the Azzurri.
Azzurri examples - too many to list which would exceed disk space on Urban Dictionary servers.
by Football Critic June 27, 2006
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