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When a bastard fucks 2 elephants and one ends up pregnant. The mistake of our world today. JACKSON HAWKINS little dick sucker. What adults can objectify as the opposite of a pussy magnet. Horrible rapist i mean really u couldn't feel a thing, or is there a thing at all.....
I was fucked by aziz ansari after the show last night, i wasn't that bad
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When you love you a good snack hoe on your kitchen counter.
Damn, woman! That pussy looks so good I'd eat it for lunch. Get up on that counter and let me get my face all Aziz Ansari up in that.
by McMission Definition January 19, 2018
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making repeated sexual overtures with someone who has already expressed reluctance and/or disinterest
I'd love to hang out with you later, but please don't Aziz Ansari me.
by dimrod80 January 19, 2018
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