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A person who is a little bit of a combination of personalities, although he is more of being humorous than the others. He's considered smart may not always know all though.
He's a playful, talented and athletic and well built gentleman who is not afraid to love but is very careful when it comes to feelings and emotions some of them may have an artistic touch. He readily makes friends but preferably has a tight circle of friends although when it comes to having best friends he may prefer it being a female personhis choice always causing criticism towards him from his male counterparts. He usually ends up with a nice beard in his late twenties.
Boy: I really do wish I can be like Azino. He really has a way with the ladies.
Girl: Yeah, You're right. He's even on most of the school's competition teams.
by Thompson Peruzzi November 29, 2018
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Azino is a derogatory portmanteau of the words Azn and Latino. It's a person who is part Asian and part Latino.
No wonder that school did so poorly, they were made up of a bunch of stupid azinos.
by Maddy Dunwoody February 23, 2008
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