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Ayome is a wonderful girl. She's strong, kind, funny, and can be so cute, and so beautiful. She's modest to a fault and won't accept how amazingly perfect she is. She's an absolutely perfect girl, her differences and flaws only serve to make her so completely perfect and so wonderfully unique. She has charm like no other, but is a very loyal girlfriend. If you've earned her love, you will know that she is as necessary to life as oxygen, that the sun rises from her golden hair, the stars twinkle from within the waters of life in her eyes. She's small, but that will never stop her. And it will only make you love her more. She has a very devious and bloodthirsty side that few see, and fewer can appreciate, but it's one of a thousand perfect things about her. If you can understand her, fall in love with her, and appreciate her, you'll realize that no other girl could ever be as amazing as her, and that the chances are almost certain that if you screw it up, you'll never fall in love again. Instead, you will love her hopelessly, dream of her always, and never be able to bring yourself to leave her side for all your life.
Tony: Ayome, I love you so much. You're such a perfect girl. So beautiful and kind.
Ayome: *blush* I'm none of those things.

Mark: So how're things going, Tony?
Tony: Horrible. It's been a year since Ayome and I broke up and I still can't get over her. I think about her all day and dream about her all night, when I can fall asleep, at least. I've tried to move on, man, but I'll never fall in love again. She was, is, and always will be perfect, and I ruined everything.
by Roland Deschain 95 February 03, 2014
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