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Ayokuku - Slang term for defining the a person who acts as a pillar or foundation of a certain team or group. The Ayokuku of a group will be responsible for establishing solid communications, interaction, credibility and unity of the team. Often reserved, Ayokuku will only involve himself in issues that will impact the team as a whole and will not indulge in activities he deems surplus to requirments. Ayokuku will also sacrifise himself for the greater good of the group. Typlical characteristics of Ayokuku include a wide appreciation of factors deemed important to social interaction such as a knowledge of music, girls, and apple macs. Ayokuku will often be seen smiling when listening to music, and has a lust for things that shine such as diamond studded earings and platinum chains. Historians speculate that the origin of the Ayokuku is either Lagos (Nigeria) or Willesden (London, UK)
"Oh man I just realised we cant go to the conference at wembley stadium today"

"Nah we cool man, Ayokuku is gonna take care of things so we are all live to go"

"What a dappa, we are lucky we got an Ayokuku in the team"
by Frank Danger October 18, 2007
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