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Ayer, Massachusetts is a considerably smaller town in regards to nearby cities/towns such as Leominster, Fitchburg, Westford, Acton, and Littleton. With a population recently documented at about 3,000, Ayer sees quite a collection of colorful residents to say that least. Known around surrounding towns as a haven for homeless, drug addicted, and obscene alcoholics, Ayer, in it's 1.2 sq mile collection of land, hosts a school of approximately 370 students in a school system that rates 208th out of Massachusetts' 348 public schools, quite a feat of modest actuality.

Ayer is predominantly white (88%), yet many will find upon meeting commoners of the town Saloons that they in fact act and believe they are of a different racial conglomerate. With many of these residents holding adolescent qualities of 'betterman syndrome', Ayer actually remains a relatively safe town, with police blotter (more commonly than not) registering trips to the neighborhood bars to deal with scraps that resulted from shoulder to shoulder connection, usually accidental.
by USCast June 29, 2011
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