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A word which sums up "perfect" "great" "wow" "sure" "amazing" "totally" "psychedelic" etc.
Usually used when you can't be f***** to say the words mentioned above.
Tom: Man last night i got really wasted, had sex with Rachel and passed out in my neighbor's house
Harry: AYEAH
by katsikaki August 09, 2009
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Ayeah is beautiful inside and out. She cares extremely to much for others. She will go out her way to help someone in need. She loves to make others laugh specially when a person is down. She has a big heart. She will leave an amazing impression on you that you won't forget her. She can be there for you anytime. She is a special women. She has a very deep though about many things. Others don't always see her complex thought. She is always helping others to see them happy even when she has her own problems. She is just a great,fun,laid back and cool girl. She loves to have fun but is very respectively women. She is just amazing and a deffinit person you would be lucky to have in your life.
ayeah always knows how to make my day!
If theres anyone special out there it would be ayeah
by Angelbabydoll December 11, 2012
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