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Aydrian is usually a very nice and cool person. They are always/never American fully. Aydrian is a good looking man. They have big hair. They have huge dicks and treat women with a lot of respect. And they don't take any shit from anyone
Aydrian is so hot
by Long penis boi November 03, 2017
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Aydrian(female) is very funny. She knows how to make you laugh when you're feeling down. She usually isn't lightskinned. Her thighs are big, but her booty is bigger! When you get an opportunity to have an Aydrian, don't let her go!
Boy 1: Damn bro! Who is that chick?!
Boy 2: That's just Aydrian.
Boy 1: She's fine, man!
Boy 2: I know, right?!
by Spongebob wuz here May 23, 2018
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