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Akwood is when a guy gets a boner for no reason in an awkward situation. Awkwood occurs especially when one is sitting down or tired, and suddenly has to go somewhere or get up. Usually, it is noticed suddenly with incredibly bad timing.

“wood” stems from uses such as “morning wood” to indicate a hardened phallus.
Awk” stems from Awkward, which is a key component of awkwood.
1. I was asked to point out a city on the map in history, but i had a bad case of awkwood and refused to get up out of my seat.

2. I fell asleep in class and couldn't stand up and leave for the bell because i had awkwood.

3. My girlfriend dumped me because i had awkwood when i met her mom.
by Dardude January 23, 2006
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When you suddenly have a huge erection for no reason and you are forced into a situation where it is easily noticeable.
Although Dave was confident about his powerpoint, he refused to show it for fear of people noticing his awkwood
by RichKingStone November 16, 2014
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