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Filipino expression which is an equivalent of "aw"
Guy 1: I failed the exam.
Guy 2: Awit.

Guy 1: And she told me that we should break up.
Guy 2: Awit, man.
by adedekutsu September 29, 2019
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filipino expression when something happens to you or someone. it’s also an expression to say you aint lyin
i fell down the stairs, awit
awit they tryna drug me
ang sarap niya awit
by Sugar Virgin September 15, 2019
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Aw ang sakit
iniwan ako ng jowa ko boi awit
by aXdizon November 29, 2019
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If something goes terribly wrong, you say "awit"
"Pre naghihirap na Pilipinas"
by Awitizer October 16, 2019
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To express ones disorientation, to express anger and disbelief , to express ones Happiness and overflowing of emotions
"Awit! someone stole my new pen"
"Awit!, I knew it you've been cheating on me "
Awit, I just past the Test
or just simply "Woooooooooh AWIT"
by AsianNibba September 25, 2019
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The one word that explains everything you’re feeling in the certain moment
And the fullgrown said “yeah awit”
by Twts04 March 01, 2019
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