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1. Adj..:: Awesome, Epic, and Cool combined to one easy phrase.

A common name for those who are close friends and act like they have been for many many years. A very serious relationship amongst companions.

2. Description of a series of events, items, or person (singular). To the extent of extreme intensity.
Person 1: Did you see that group of friends?

Person 2: Yeah, they're awepicool!

Person 1: We just went to the arcade, hit the ice cream parlor, and then went to the movies before finally going back to (name of person here)'s house for a cook out!

Person 2: Wow, that must have been an awepicool day!
by The Intense One September 28, 2009
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A mixture of the words "awesome", "epic" and "cool". Can basically some up anything in a word
by Kevdog the Rebdog November 27, 2014
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