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A beautiful girl and old soul that posses the ability to create happiness wherever she goes. Open-minded, likes the simple things in life, and gives the best hugs in the entire world. When the whole world walks out, your avonlee will still be there on her guava farm. It's absolutely impossible to get mad at her. Whenever you're in a mad mood, just think of your avonlee and you'll feel better. The most easiest person to talk to ever. If there isn't an Avonlee in your life, you aren't experiencing life yet.
Suzanne : WOW, she's so amazing. I can't even get over it, she's an insiration, she draws me in, or something.
Becky : Yep, we definatley have an Avonlee on our hands ..
by LorealKids June 01, 2009
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a being that loves hena, green tea, and tea tree oil. Very optimistic and a big animal lover. Usually vegetarian, and almost always caring of other people.
Sally: look at that person eating tofu.
Bob: she must be an Avonlee
by lemonslovelimes June 01, 2009
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