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City in Asturias (Spain), pop. 84.000. Steel, glass and chemical industry. Main enterprises: Aceralia (the former ENSIDESA), Cristalería Española (now part of Saint-Gobain) Important fishing and industrial port. National and international trade fairs.

The city historical center has beautiful medieval, renaissence and baroque buildings. Many hotels: Palacio de Ferrera (luxury), La Villa, Villa de Avilés, Luzana. Great asturian gastronomy.

Special events: Antroxu (Carnival), Fiesta de El Bollo, Fiestas de San Agustín. Theatre and opera (Teatro Palacio Valdés), film and music festivals.
The active city of Avilés is waiting for you.
by Kosmografo February 19, 2005
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