Simple girl living ordinary life: not so special nor extraordinary. She is just simple. With no class - high fashion, public status , not popular but can be outgoing.
I would love to date an average girl for a wife.
by Aphrodita February 25, 2018
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A creature that often posts pictures of Starbucks on Instagram and wears yoga pants, and ugg boots and ALWAYS has an iPhone i her hand
by Teller of truths November 11, 2013
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An average white girl is someone who follows more than one of these stereotypes:
- you wear uggs -you love Katy Perry
-you always get Starbucks -your catchphrase is I can't even!
-you love Pretty Little Liars -you always know when the Pumpkin Spice Latte is returning
-you love Victoria's Secret and North Face -you love leggings/yoga pants
-you take pride in your ability to quote Mean Girls

If you follow more than one of any of these stereotypes, then you are the average, annoying, fuckshit white girl.
Meg: Jesus Christ, that's the fourth Pumpkin Spice Latte Sarah had this week!
Becky: Why so surprised? She always wears yoga pants and uggs, and she always quotes Mean Girls. She's just an average white girl.
by Bianca_DiddlySquat May 25, 2018
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a girl blogger who epitomizes generalities of a female aged 13-19 years old.
The average teenage girl sure does blog a lot on her webpage, whosthatgirl dot tumblr dot com!
by tatg July 25, 2008
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Being an average black girl knowing what suffering feels like and learning to rise above it. It’s about being kicked down over and over again and having absolutely no idea how you’re going to get yourself back up, but somehow always do. It’s about believing in yourself.
I wish I had an average black girl in my life to help me through my struggles, they real af.
by That average black girl January 5, 2017
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A species that goes on instagram every morning and makes their stupid duck faces and think they’re so sexy. These animals also beg for iPhones and are spoiled. They have boyfriends and probably will get pregnant by the age of 14. They are weird and annoying creatures.
The average teen white girl is sending nude pics to her boyfriend
by Litsavageboy November 20, 2017
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