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An amazing girl with a lot of dreams and ambitions. Aveen works hard to achieve them. She gets haters for her amazing personality, hard work and way she treats everyone equally. She truly is one-of-a-kind and unique. Also extremely intelligent. Aveen will go far in life due to her perseverance and good heart.
Dude 1:'' Wow did you see how nice Aveen was to that bitch?''
Dude 2: ''Yeah it was unreal! Couldn't believe it ! She is way too kind to everyone. Dont know how she can be kind to everyone, even those who treat her badly''
Dude 1:''I know! She works so hard in life aswell! She really doesn't let anyone put her down!''
by Delilahhhhhhhhhhhhhh October 06, 2012
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A funny girl with a nice ass who is loved by everyone! She is a hot person,girls tend to be jealous of her and all the guys want to have hot, mad, steamy sex with her. she is indeed, a mad thing.
wish i could get me an aveen
by aycarumba March 30, 2009
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