To be chased relentlessly by an insecure and psychopathic ex girlfriend.
I had 38 missed calls from her last night mate...

You got Ava'd.
by 0406819250 July 28, 2012
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whenever somebody named ava calls you a stinky poo poo baby, it is quite common actually. You will get cursed as a stinky poo poo baby for the rest of your life and will become an outcast to society. The effects are 10x worse if the Ava's last name is So
person 1: oh em gee!!!!!!! you got ava'd!!! stinky poo poo baby hahahahahahaahahahahaahahahah
person 2: noooooooooo :(
person 1: stinky poo poo baby
by forkscantpickupmilk August 11, 2021
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