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The fear or hatred towards people with autism, a mental disorder that causes one to process information differently than normal people.

For some reason society hates homophobia but is tolerant of autistophobia.

Just like racism, sexism, ageism, & homophobia, autistophobia is just as ignorant & narrow minded.

We autistic people can't help it that we're autistic. We have feelings too, can think too, & actually tend to be alot more logical than neurotypicals.
People associated with the military are autistophobic.

Fuck autistophobia!

The work place is a hotspot for autistophobia. Bosses & employers are very discriminating against people with autistic symptoms.

Pretty girls also tend to be autistophobic (except the really nice ones & the autistic ones).
by SlashinatorX June 29, 2011
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