A term for both the popular and high culture of Australia; for the popular tastes of the Australian people; or for the people of Australia and the small number of australiaphiles who sustain Australian culture.
When in the Australian countryside, be wary of crocodiles, rattlers and above all, Foster's swilling austro-trash, who may lure you in with their friendly accents and promises of letting you pet a koala, but will, at first chance, drop their jean cut-offs and moon you.
by Ironthighs April 16, 2006
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Small island-nation in the South Pacific. Close ties with Australia. Former colony of Germany. Landlocked since 1928. Language: English with German accent. Famous for surfing, neejees, amazing dancing abilty.
A: Have you ever been to Austro-Germany?
B: Of course, haven't you seen me shitty-wank?
by Josef McBrez August 13, 2006
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A side bitch that’s hotter than the actual girlfriend and the girlfriend should kill herself bc she’s fucken ugly
Oh she’s his austro, she’s hot right... his actual girl is dumb af
by Greeneyesand3toes June 13, 2020
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