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Australianencephaitis is the inflammation of the brain caused by an overwhelming absorption of the Australian culture through the eyes, ears, and mouth of a foreign visitor (ie. tourist, student).

The visitor (which is usually a student) may begin to see symptoms by the end of their first day in Australia; however, in some minor cases, symptoms do not show up until the 10th day in Australia.

Symptoms of Australianencephaitis include (but are not limited to):

- increased energy and alertness
- feelings of well-being and euphoria
- diminished fear, anxiety, and insecurity
- athletic performance may be enhanced
- being fun and wild
- excessive use of the word 'mate'
- takes risks (ie. skydiving, swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, etc.)
- pretending to know how to surf

Symptoms may progress rapidly. Also, symptoms may vary depending on the purity and dosage of the Australian culture surrounding the said visitor.

Chronic Use
Prolonged exposure to Australian culture is encouraged. People with Australianencephaitis are, in general, way cooler, live longer, and smell better.
Andrea's excessive use of the word mate, feeling of well-being, and skydiving adventure confirm that she has been infected with Australianencephaitis.
by Cbender-Extraordinaire April 18, 2010
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