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The amazing and beautiful frontman/screamer to the band Of Mice and Men. Austin is incredibly tall and is super nice. He has Marfan Syndrome and got surgery, and he has been through a ton of shit yet he continues to make other people happy, and takes hate from a lot of people but doesnt give up. Aust is also shipped with his best friend Alan who plays rhythm guitar in his band, their ship is "Cashby".
"Why are you so obsessed with Austin Carlile?"
"Cause he's rad AF"

"Austin Carlile or Die"
by Austin's future daughter January 03, 2014
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The ex-screamer for Attack! Attack! and is now in a band called Of mice & men. He is freaking amazing at vocals and did all of the recording for "someday came suddenly" by Attack! Attack! and was also the vocals for the I kissed a girl cover on punk goes pop 2.
"Is Austin Carlile awesome?'
by sonofamitch May 20, 2009
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