Usually a virgin who is also a bigot for no less than the true meaning of a racist, mostly towards Asian women. They also tend to be overwight for their love of cake and cookies. They drive big American trucks to try and hide being a redneck.
Why does Austin Hunter hate Asians? - Coworker
Because he's a Notorius BIG-o.t. - Manager
by Monty Reaper October 23, 2014
The Cousin of the one and only Noah Austin a former ERW Hardcore Champion And possibly a future EVW world champion cheet austin hasn't had much sucess but his legacy is big enough even managing to be a ERW Hall Of Famer Late in April 2021
Man: Do you know Cheet Austin?

person: No, what about him

Man: Well Wtf Are you Doing go watch him on EVW! and ERW!
by Noah Austin May 21, 2021
The most cutest boy.

The best person i know, i love him so much and i would die for him
My best friend, my love, my home:)
I really hope that we'll stay in love until we're ghosts
by Strawberry<3 November 24, 2021
A dude who runs around like the autistic blind kid. He not blocking no one.
Did you see #63 on the rams?
Yeah Austin Corbett wasn’t blocking shit.
The only thing he blocking was staffords vision with his fat ass.
by RahmNoodles February 13, 2022
The prettiest woman in the world, she doesn't know her own self worth. Austin Osborn is a flirt but is scared by 7-inch-candy bars.
"Wowah that girl is pretty, who is she?"
"That's Austin Osborn"
by Help-i'm-dying November 17, 2017
A small little guy. With a very small dick. Has hair like Jesus, and pulls no bitches
Man I be like Jaden Austin I pull no bitches
by Pussy eater puss real good January 22, 2022