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A large cult of people against creativity. They hate all things that aren't what they like. (See Nazi) The teachers eat little kids if they look appetizing. The kids are abused fags whom no one in the world would accept. All the guys like each-other and play sports to get to know one another. They also make you conform to them because they are demons that drink their own piss. The kids also eat ferrets for lunch and fried blood juice for snacks. There are no known full blacks there cause they get thrown into he Bleach pit. (See KKK) It's also a living hell for those who fight them. Plus all the girls have moobs and are extreme fugly . (See Holocaust) Overall its a horrible group and their leader is a major Butt Pirate.
Simon :Dude, Ever heard of Aurora Christian?
Harold: Oh Yeah, we just learned about them.
Jake: They're all nipple munchers..
Jordan: Yeah, They suck major cow tongue .
Green Giant: Yeah they kill penguins.
Tuba: "Honk"
by Tolgahimloop March 24, 2009
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