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A beautiful woman inside and out strong and tuogh but secritly sensitive, loyal and helpful to even a stranger. Smarter then your average in more then enough category's full of light and love. A comedian. Afraid of so many things. But you never want to cross a bitch named Aundra it's best to have her on your side.
I'll name her aundra
by Hustle or fall June 16, 2019
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One smart beautiful and amazing woman who is always loving and caring about people although she is 5 ft 2 inches she is 8 ft tall at heart one of a kind women a unicorn 🦄 almost impossible to catch when ever you do or if you ever do hold on to her.
Aundra ,Brave and beautiful woman goddess of braids
by kingpapathegreat June 16, 2019
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A sexy guy and always look out for they friends,and is abusive at times ,but a good person to have around
by Ku lin May 15, 2018
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