August 15th is international limelight day. If you support why don’t we you are called a limelight. When celebrating international limelight day you must wear green, yellow, black or their merchandise.
Person 1: What’s on August 15th??
Person 2: It’s international limelight day!!!
by someoneyouknew July 29, 2018
The day everyone has to be nice to each other.
Tomorrow is August 15th.
by Millie Burnip October 21, 2019
The sexiest Hottest Girls who are smart are born here, If they have a crush on you, don't miss out, they are EPIC leos who are cool.
I banged an August 15th. She was Peng as fucking shite, I wanna hump her again.
by Michael Jackson IS my Hero RIP November 20, 2020
“Do you know what is today?” “August 15th?” “Yeah, but that is international Marisol Nichols day”
by _ivy August 4, 2020
“What day is it?”

“August 15th, known as international Marisol Nichols day”
by _ivy August 5, 2020
National Jackson day! the day where it’s all jackson! do whatever he wants, whenever he wants !
August 15th
jackson: come give me cuddles babe

bree: fine since it’s National Jackson day!
by jackson gf :) January 22, 2021
National send titty pictures day
You gotta send Titty pics yo your bf bc it’s august 15th
by User7272628 August 16, 2022