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A: A school for squares and bros.
B: An imaginary college behind Jimmy John's (especially when used by a student at the University of Minnesota).
C: A depository of nice Lutheran girls.
Usage A:
Mom 1: "My son goes to Augsburg College."
Mom 2: "Ahh, he must be quite the little brah."
Mom 1: "You're right, he is."

Usage B:
U student 1: "I went to get a sandwich the other day and I swore I saw a college bookstore across the street."
U student 2: "Were you drunk?"
U student 1: "Probably. My mistake."

Usage C:
Dude 1: "I hear you got a new girlfriend."
Dude 2: "I did. She studies Youth and Family Ministry at Augsburg College."
Dude 1: "She must be a very nice young woman with a healthy spirituality."
Dude 2: "Don't forget about her physical attrativeness!"
by Joeyjojrjackamo4 September 19, 2010
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Augsburg continues to reflect the commitment and dedication of the founders who believed:

An Augsburg education should be preparation for service in community and church;
Education should have a solid liberal arts core with a practical dimension in order to send out productive, creative, and successful citizens;
The city -- with all its excitement, challenges, and diversity -- is an unequaled learning laboratory for Augsburg students.
Augsburg is a quality liberal arts institution set in the heart of a great metropolitan center. There are now almost 18,000 Augsburg alumni. In a world that has changed much since those first days of the College, Augsburg still sends out graduates who make a difference where they live and work.

In addition to undergraduate liberal arts and sciences Augsburg offers master’s degree programs in business, education, leadership, nursing, physician assistant studies, and social work. Augsburg also offers graduate and undergraduate level nursing courses as well as supporting degree courses through its Rochester Program based in Rochester, Minnesota
Augsburg College
by Augsburg College March 24, 2009
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