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Auejon is passionate, caring, friendly, can be a bit of an asshole sometimes but makes things interesting, for the most part quiet until he is comforable. Auejon will definitely make you fall and once you do, it's hard to catch yourself. You've ever felt lost he's the one to help you find yourself. His arms are long, and just the right length to hold you tightly. His big brown eyes will make you feel at home, they just make you feel all around safe by his side. He will always make you feel beautiful even when you don't. He's the one. No doubt. Don't take him for granted you'll regret it when he's gone. He'll always try to make you smile even when you're down. Nothing bad I can say about him... but he is a heart breaker.
"So you and Auejon, huh?"

"You and Auejon look good together"
"Oh Auejon, he's a cool dude"
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