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A desperate term used by fans of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (UAT) to describe fans of the dominant program in the state of Alabama, Auburn University. The term is rooted in a deep frustration by a fan base that can neither deal with the fact that they are a second-rate academic and athletic institution, nor that no one besides themselves care that they were fantastic in the 30's, 60's, and 70's. The term is further fueled by rage that a generation of fans are growing up during a time when Auburn has won more games and SEC Championships than Alabama and that the former is not only not afraid of the latter, but sees the latter as its third biggest rival (behind Louisiana State University and the University of Georgia).
I guess those Aubies will go celebrate another win against us by throwing buttwipe paper in the trees at Toomer's. Let's go watch a tape of the 1979 Sugar Bowl.
by TigerCav June 24, 2006
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An Auburn fan. A person who is obnoxious, jealous, and feels inferior. A person who doesn't root for his/her team, but rather against other teams i.e. The University of Alabama. Also, a person who wears "Fear the Thumb" apparel, and chants "Bear is Dead!" when their team is playing another opponent. A person who refuses to see the grand scheme of things. The Crimson Tide has 12 National Championships and they have a 1/2.
Hey, let's go throw buttwipe paper in that tree over there with the rest of the Aubies.
by Mike Greene May 18, 2006
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An Auburn fan that lives in the cow pastures of Opelika, Al in the trailor park. They are green with envy of the University of Alabama's traditions and national championships. Usually, can be seen driving shit mobiles around the southeast (e.g. Ford, Chevy,) and have rotted out teeth and resembles that of a skanky old nasty person.
OMG, did you happen to see the Aubie's that were hanging out at the trailor park? They had their shitty Chevy jacked up and were putting spinners on their 1973 Chevette. They are truely a work of art!
by asheton February 03, 2008
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Any AMAZING friendship of two girls named Aubrey and Katie they have been Ibfs for years and have wanted to meet forever.
Girl- ugh I wish I had a friendship like Aubie

Girl 2- huh?
Girl- you don’t know what Aubie is? Aubie is the best friendship EVER
by Aubieforver1234 December 27, 2018
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