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Very cool n beautiful. She has the smile of an angel and eyes that sparkle and shine no matter what. Known to be the Godess of Beauty, she has crazy God powers that allow her to whistle and have a bunch of dogs appear. She has the nicest body you'll ever see, and if you ever encounter her you'll die. She has gorgeous hair that she'll anally penetrate you with and her thighs are mega hot. She has the cutest facial features and if you disagree Rob-Dog will kill u with his belt of gay. Everything about her is just perfect, and if you ever get a chance to see her, say hi before you disappear into a hole of deadness, because i swear you will die because of how shocking it is to see her beauty in person.
Woah is that Aub-Dog? *dies*
by Squidick July 23, 2018
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