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A finishing move used by WWE superstar John Cena, in which the wrestler hoists the opponent onto their shoulders and drop them sideways. It is often considered by various wrestling fans as one of the weakest and least impactful moves in professional wrestling.

Prior to 2009 when WWE introduced new PG rules, the move was officially known as 'The F-U', a play on Brock Lesnars somewhat simlar finisher 'The F-5'.
OMG, Cena's gonna hit the Attitude Adjustment on Batista! This match is over!
by JK2010 March 02, 2011
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Comes from a Hank Williams Jr. song called Attitude Adjustment, song makes more sence than the lyrics.
The act of correcting a person for their inapropriet actions, for stepping over the line, to show your dominance over them, or to let them know their place with you. Similar to correctiing a dog on a slip collar. It involves a brief correction, typically involving something other than your fist or hand, like a stick, belt, pipe, tire iron, or cane. This is not a full on beating, asskicking, or fist fight, just one or two hits with the tool of choice to let them know they don't want anymore.
Father: That piece of shit son in law treats your sister like shit, and everyone else for that matter.

Son: Come on pop I'll get the tire iron from my truck and well give him an attitude adjustment.

Here is part of the song from Hank Williams Jr. - Now I've got this big old Brother-in-law
And me and him just never did get along
Cause he just wasn't treating my sister nice.
He got drunk one night and started and beating me up
And I went and got a tire tool out of my truck
And straightened him out as cold as a block of ice.
It was an attitude adjustment and it'll work every time.
An attitude adjustment-I made him see the light.
Now he says I'm his kind of man,
He comes around me with his hat in his hand
It was an attitude adjustment; I cured his family pride.

by SquigmanFraud March 24, 2009
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(n) The state of Zen, or mellow feeling, that accompanies Cannabis consumption. (v)The act of smoking Cannabis, usually in groups of 2 or more, for the purpose of altering mental or attitude states.
Under times of stress he would find a place to sit down for a private attitude adjustment.
by The Bongmaster September 19, 2011
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