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Attack Helicopter is a gender, which is not well respected. If you choose this gender, you will become an Apache Helicopter and fly freely in the sky with your fellow helicopters and shoot people with your guns
Google: Are you a Boy, Girl or rather not say?
Gender Confused Guy: Calls Google*: Why isn't there the Attack Helicopter option in the choose your gender in the Google Sign In?
Google:1min later: Are you a Boy, Girl, Attack Helicopter or rather not say?
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by Communist_Guy June 01, 2018
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Attack Helicopter is used as a gender. I classify as a Attack Helicopter
by Shanady October 06, 2018
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Attack helicopters are helicopters that are armed with ATGMs ( look it up), rocket pods, and 20-30mm chain/miniguns. Two examples are the MI-24 Hind and the AH-64 Apache. They are used to blow the shit out of anything in range, including tanks, infantry, IFVs, and anything else unlucky enough to be near them ( unless the helicopter is an OH-58 Cayuse or an AH-6 Little Bird, in which case you are fine unless you manage to make it crash on you)
The AH-64D Apache Longbow is one of the best attack helicopters on the world!
by ApachepilotJP June 18, 2014
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When a guys penis is soo small that's it just foreskin there and it spins uncontrollably while he is pissing.
"hey dude you should have seen my piss earlier, it went everywhere in a full circle, I was a fucking attack helicopter"
by TiP August 30, 2016
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