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Imagine a town, take out all of the good and you are left with what geoloists know as an Atherstone.

The majority of the population is comprised of drunks, pensioners and general ASBO young-uns. A very key factor regarding to be taken into consideration, is the very small local gene pool; inbreading isn't a problem yet, but without the introduction of fresh genetics into the area uno-brows will soon be worn like a unifom.

The local economy of an Atherstone is usualy supported by three key factors. These are as follows; Public Houses (or "Pub's" as the locals refer to them) are the main source of local income. The offspill from these is usualy take-aways (Indian, Chinese or other generic foregin muck), usualy serving slop-in-a-tray (the local specialty). Finaly charity or second hard stores make up he final key economic sector, providing the peasants with whatever they need, but can't eat or drink.
Tarquin; By jove, Giles. I could use a hooker, a beer and a a large serving of shit-in-a-tray! Where would you reccomend?

Giles: Well, Tarquin. If you also have a craving for an STD and a rash the size of an Antelope, join me for a sioré in Atherstone!
by Egon Ronay January 05, 2010
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