A lack of, or absence of belief in God or gods.
Atheism, despite its small profile amoungst most of humanity is actually a default position to which all human beings are born into, its just that many people are either indoctrinated from childhood into following, or later in life choose to follow some form of theism, polytheism, or even pantheism.
by Icehawk April 13, 2004
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A lack of belief or faith in the existence of a god or gods, especcially, a belief that there is no god. Atheism is a belief which is often insulted unjustly by its opponents. Atheists are also often called Satanists by Christian fundamentalists who do not understand the beliefs of Satanism. Believers in atheism have been blamed for events such as the 9/11 suicide attacks on the "Twin Towers" in New York, New York, United States of America by such people as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.
by jinrisenfallen September 16, 2005
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Common sense. Some one who doesnt believe in magic or propaganda, is backed up by science and logic, and figures that god doesnt do have the shit he tells us to do.
God: "You! Go save lives and bring justice to the world"

(God starts holocaust)
by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
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A person who has accepted the fact that there is no god(s).
"I used to be blinding by religion, but now I'm an atheist."
by Pyrus October 21, 2003
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Quite simply put; someone who lacks a god belief. This could be the absence of said god in mind, or lack of faith. Just like members of any group, some of us are overzealous or so ignorant we fail to realize the purpose of any source of morales. Do not judge eachother based on prejudice. Do not seek to find flaws in eachother's beliefs but instead seek enlightenment through yours. Love everything.
I follow Gandhi and Gora's positive atheism. I am not a satanist.
I see everyone here in ignorant conflict, and it's just sad. We're here to define words and not start bitter arguements.
by Prairie Dog March 19, 2006
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The idea that there is no god. There as two kinds of Atheism. One kind are weak atheists, sometimes called Agnostics. The other kind are strong atheists.

Agnostics thinks that because there has never been any proof of god, it is a possiblity that there may be no god. Angostics do not deny god, but rather believe that there can be no proof of god.

Strong atheists believe that there is no god. A strong atheist may argue that no god exists because science points to other starts of life.

Atheism is taken up by many intelleuctial figures such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Douglas Adams, Bill Gates, and pretty much anyone with a brain.

Atheism in it's essence, is asking the question "why."
"The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity."
-John Adams

Christian: "The Bible was written by god."
Atheist:"If the bible was written by god, show me where he is."
Christan: "God isn't on earth, he lives in heaven."
Atheist: "Show me where heaven is."
Christan: "..."

Atheism rocks!
by Qjaso October 21, 2005
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