An Asus eee pc is tiny, awesome and has a few trickable outable features... however:

This laptop may be cool and look cooler but it comes with an operating system fit for a six yearold who will die of aids if he doesn't learn to click on icons by accident.

These tiny laptops are best to buy if you feel like spending a little bit more on mods :

-External CD drive helps for installing a less babyplay OS
-An extra monitor for home use.. this may sound silly but if you don't have it you'll want it.
-At least one USB flash-memory device with more than 1gb memory on it really helps.
-A USB Mouse
-A USB Keyboard
Mary: "hey john! I just got an asus eee pc!!"
John: "Did you buy a shitload of extras for it?"
Mary: "HELL YEAH! £60s worth!!!"
by Sprouticous REX July 18, 2009
the only netbook thats worth buying, but won't recomend for personal use.
bob: hey you heard of joe, he got a netbook.
robert: which one?
bob: ASUS eee pc
robert: oh, he did a good thing.
by tiktok_sucks!!! September 13, 2022