Another creation of Dr. Wily. According to the MegaMan-8 instruction manual, AstroMan was built to hypnotize the planetarium viewers. He was later modified into a fighting machine. Numbered as DrW-#058, AstroMan is, perhaps, the only Robot Master built that doesn't look like a human wearing battle-armor. AstroMan posesses the ability to dive in and out of dimensional rifts, and summon down swarms of meteors on his opponents. He also has two smaller "satellite" orbs orbiting him to provide cover fire. He appears to be weak against weapons that can seek him out. Though he has many powerful attacks, his meek and cowardly nature prevents him from fighting properly, resulting in mostly hit-and-run tactics.
AstroMan stars in two games throughout the series. His first appearance was in MegaMan-8, where he was weak against the Homing Sniper. (It's also neat to point out that using the Flash Bomb while he's dissappeared will reveal his location.)

He was revived by King in "MegaMan and Bass", (Which is more popularly known by it's Japanese name, RockMan and Forte.) where he gained the ability to create duplicate holograms of himself with the ability to attack on their own. In this game, he takes extra damage from the "Magic Card", though there isn't any plausible reason as to why.
by Dray84 January 22, 2005
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A sexually confused man that makes references to space docking.
Chad aka "astroman", has a space docking fetish.
by rubberduckey November 23, 2009
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When you and your girlfriend cosplay as astronauts; she proceeds to paint your penis like a rocket ship before you bone her down.
Peter: "One small step for man; one big step for 'Astro Man'!"
Henry: "Peter; why are you screaming that off of our roof top?"
by K-Dawgg June 17, 2014
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