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(sounds like "uh-so-nit") A small village in Southeastern (Bristol County) Massachusetts. The town was established in 1659 and its name has two possible meanings based on the Native American word: "place of rocks" and "song of praise." Assonet and its neighboring East Freetown together make up the town of Freetown. It was originally settled as a farming and fishing community. Assonet did make a move towards industry in the 18th century, but reverted back to its small town roots after WWII. Its features are Profile Rock, the Freetown-Fall River State Forest, and the Assonet River.
Where is Assonet?
I've never heard of Assonet.
by MissyR May 23, 2008
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A town in South East Massachusetts, where even the people on the otherside of the town line don't know it exists, telemarketers pronounce it "ass-on-it". We have an elementary school, that's it. Our commercial businesses are limited to Dunkin' Donuts, Subway, and banks. Roads lead to nowhere, people from outside come to see a rock, and we share a lake with Lakeville. One road stretches the entire town, and one more ruins the town. It's where the only car accidents happen outside the Highschool (which is in two towns over, by the way) and the cheerleaders there got MTV 'made', and still stink. Everyone knows everyone, because there's no one. We know not to walk on chase, or to go in the state forest at night. Girlscouts go missing, and cabins burn down, but the people of the town gather eachyear for 4th of July and we can't afford a library. No one votes, but everyone complains, and the schoolboard takes 15 minutes to talk about sandwiches, then takes a 45 minute break. Nothing changes but the faces and the names, and there are more deer then men.
College Representative: So, where are you from?
Applicant: Assonet
College Representative: What's Assonet?
by Makobi December 24, 2008
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