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A common, and derogatory, nickname for the fundamentalist, home "educator" and founder of Conservapedia, Andrew Schlafly.
-Hey this history exam has 15% fewer questions if you're a girl.

-That's because it's written by Assfly.
by A Pedant November 28, 2009
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An unattractive and uninvited guy who attacks from behind and attempts to dance and/or grind on your ass while you are dancing with your girls.
Better spray the DEET look so hot you're gonna attract an Ass Fly.
by ~Limerick Queen January 05, 2009
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A funny nickname that us RationalWikians like to call Andrew Schlafly, the founder of that intellectual cesspool known as Conservapedia, aka Confarceapedia, Conserva-peed-ya, Conservatardia, The Trusworthy Encyclopedia (trus me), The Untrustworthy Encyclopedia, etc.
Me: What's an assfly?
Other guy: Oh, an assfly is someone who thinks everything (including reality itself) has librul bias.
Me: Oh, you mean like Andrew Schlafly?
Other guy: Exactly!
by R0-84N November 05, 2018
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