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Semi-famous band out of Ann Arbor, MI that built a giant stage and gave a kick-ass performance in their underwear.
Did you see that Assachusetts show? I really want to blow their drummer.
by mr_henry August 28, 2008
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1. Formerly the 6TH state admitted to the Union of the United States of America (see Massachusetts) until announcing eligibility of homosexual couples to marry in the state, as if the rest of the Union cares.

2. Ted Kennedy's personal playground (see booty plunder alcohol forgetfullness hypocrisy).

3. Home of AA, the state's new abbreviation, as well as the acronym for the infamous counseling group for overconsuption of adult beverages.
I was originally born in Leominster, Assachusetts.
by jovet November 26, 2003
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