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a school in marlboro that sucks dick!
guy#1. hey what school do you go to?

guy#2. assabet!

guy#1. wow that sucks dick
by uihfgiuhgishjg;kdsfjg;d July 29, 2009
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A vocational high school in Marlboro, Massachusetts.

Quite possibly one of the worst schools in the state.

Preppy white kids or Brazilian gang bangers are the majority here. But there is a small minority of Blacks and Hispanics.
The school is known throughout eastern MA as a drug infested hellhole full of future criminals.
Max: I hate Assabet! Them Brazilian dudes just tried to give me weed for FREE! How fucked up is that!!
Jake: That school sucks, man. You need to transfer!
by Metalhead83 September 23, 2011
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