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Noun. A sport utility vehicle that is so enormous when people see it they think to themselves "Fuck you asshole you don't own the road!"
Friend 1: OMG that stupid soccer mom bitch in her huge AssUV almost hit me!

Friend 2: Yeah I hate her she is wasting oil and she is tasteless!
by Whatnow! December 16, 2008
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A fucking asshole who drives an SUV like they own the road. Said species can be frequently found tailgating late at night with their high beams on. These fuckers can also be found cutting in and out of traffic, driving like they're in a race car and flipping everyone else off for not getting out of their way. Generally Ass-UV's are attracted to the biggest, clunkiest and most gass guzzling SUVs they can find. Think Chevy Suburbans, Ford Expeditions and the like.
Get turn off your highbeams and get out of my backseat you ass-UV!

I was minding my own business driving down the highway and some ass-UV zooms up into my blind side and nearly side swipes me trying to pass on the right.
by phoenix 1997 November 07, 2013
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An enormous ass on a woman. The size is akin to an SUV.
James: Wow! Look at the size of the ass on that chick!
Heavy N: She's got an AssUV on there.
James: I'd still like to get in. Hahaha.
by Phill Latio June 12, 2008
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