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Horrible music that the general population likes. Ass Rock is typically 70's and 80's rock music that mysteriously became popular despite how bad the song actually is.
Example 1
Guy 1: The song "pour some sugar on me" by def leppard is the best song EVER!

Guy 2: No it's not, they lyrics don't make sense, it's such an ass rock song.

Example 2:

Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes
by barchetta03 January 13, 2012
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A rock that has an ass scent.
Human #1: Wow what's that?

Human #2: It's an ass rock!
by Sir JiggleBottom February 13, 2018
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it's exactly what it sounds like, a rock that smells asthough it has been thoroughly, and deeply covered in shit. There is usually no context as to how the rock smells this way, but it happens. Apparently this happens in Australia alot too, ass rocks are just regular rocks found along the ground.
Florida kid: Aye, what's up with that rock?
Aussie kid: Whaddu ya mean?
Florida kid: Smells pretty funky to me.
Aussie kid: Nah, mate. It's just another ass rock!
by Sugar wants Snake proud February 16, 2018
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A rock that appears to smell like ass. No context as to how the fuck it happened. But regardless, still smells like shit.
"Oi, my daughter found a bloody ass rock the other day. Disgusting!
by Sugar makes snake proud. February 16, 2018
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when one man is so hammered drunk that he thinks everyone in the whole entire universe's ass is storing a rock for later use.
larry: woah, jim, are you alright?

jim: hell yeah!

larry: then why are you staring at franks ass so intensely?

jim: hes keeping a rock in there! i know it!

larry: frank, we gotta get the fuck out of her. jim's pulling an alabama ass-rock.

frank: good call! lets go!
by yowiena69 March 14, 2010
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Another way of saying something rules. Can be used directly in the place of "kick ass" or "kicks ass".
This new Slayer cd rocks ass!
by Soup Bone April 19, 2005
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to says something rocks ass is to say that it is glorious(good, great, grand...) in every aspect. The term can also be used when discussing the activites of homosexuals, but lets not get into detail. When using the term rocks ass never wear a backwards hat and/or a "varsity" jacket. If used correctly, "rocks ass" can be the life of any party!
Wow! This movie rocks ass!
Hoorah! Raffi rocks ass!
Wowzers! That man is an ass rocker!
HEEEEY! My new pants rock ass!
Woah! That lamp rocks ass! I absolutely have to have it!
by Fog Patrick July 3, 2006
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