Someone loyal and trustworthy
Hardheaded fuck
Game Player
Find one
A: WOW what a Human being
B: Thats an Asje !!!
by stillaqueen July 22, 2020
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Asjeds are like Will Smith
by daper January 16, 2014
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The abbreviation for the phrase "Ah, sweet Jesus!"
This phrase is usually used in online forums and chat-rooms.
This phrase is similar to "Oh my god!" or "Oh my word!".
Julia: ASJ, I got an A in Math this quarter!


Becky: Oh my gosh, I'm never going to find a date for the dance. ASJ.
by Noelle Ashlie June 20, 2008
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He thinks very highly of himself but in reality he's just an ass...Ass-jed. You may also refer to him as "Awww Shit" He's thinks he can gets girls but you are gravely mistaken
by WhyAreYouSoSteven May 26, 2017
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He is a nice person and thinks about every one tries to keep everyone happy
Asjed is good hearted
by Syed December 9, 2020
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