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a mix between an asian and a ginger creating a breed of human no man has seen before. The Asian Ginger population is growing although there have been few sightings of such people. Asian Gingers have been most seen in such places as Wonderland, the North Pole, and near the lock ness. They also tend to get aggressive when asked what they are and will not admit to being either race.
Emily: OMG! i just saw an Asian Ginger!!!
Courtney: yeah, sure! and i just saw a unicorn
by emcfield October 23, 2010
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a ginger that sees themselves as asians. wanting to think that asian gingers are a rare delicate creature in the whole world.
Asian Gingers are legit the coolest people in the world.

Or a asian dying their hair red to BE a real asian ginger.
Girl 1: Girl, you are SUCH an asian ginger
Girl 2: Well no duh! I AM asian and im dying my hair red anyways.

Guy 1: Look at that girl over there!
Guy 2: Yeah i know, she must be an asian ginger, i heard there really cool to hang out with!
by Strawburryloveex3 July 26, 2011
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