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Professional editor loves cats and hasn't revealed his face to the public.
Ashlong made multiple edits has been editing since the time sony vegas 4 was released. Since then he has made an extremely popular edit called Byler1, which showcased the game 'survive the natural disasters' on Roblox.
With his great skill, he has been able to make a multiple Roblox hit edits and music videos and amassed a whopping 21 subscribers.
Wow! Ashlong is so good at editing!
by ohleerow June 14, 2018
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The phrase used to describe a group of individuals of asian decent sitting naked in a Subway restaurant after ordering 2 foot longs each.
Check out those ashlongs
Oi, you wanna ashlong
You're under arrest for ashlong, you gook
I dare you to ashlong
No one ashlongs like Huang
by Peter Bush March 03, 2007
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