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A beautiful quaint town on Southern Oregon surrounded by mountains. There is much to do outdoors including hiking, skiing, mountain biking. But other than that in Town the only thing to do is to drink at bars. The city council and the chamber of commerced have been successful at squashing any attempts at creativity because they see it as competition to the main tourist attraction: The Shakespeare Festival. So there is no venue for bands to play unless you are a big well known band, but the town is too small to draw a big enough crowd. The people there are very interesting. New Agers, hippies, burners, artists, stoners, single moms, and crazy people. Everyone has dated everyone else. Nobody has a job but they grow weed. Relationships don't last so people turn to drugs and alcohol. The town is a bubble of beauty and unreality leading some people to think that there is something added to the water supply. There literally is water fountains that have lithium in the water. It is hard to leave and once you have been there, you will always come back.
I miss Ashland Oregon, it is so easy there!
by powderheader February 09, 2011
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A part of Southern Oregon, representing the West Coast. A place where partying is the only event often happening in that town. The police department is busy giving out lots of minor tickets out to the younger population.
"Ashland Oregon is a part of southern Oregon
by jdiggsyeee December 25, 2008
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