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the anti hero in the evil dead trilogy, made famous by Bruce Campbell. Based on a darkhorse comic. He uses a sawed off shotgun (his BOOMSTICK) and a chainsaw attached to his amputated hand to fight off "deadites", a reanimated corpse possessed by a corrupt soul, he is the ultimate badass and could kill anything that moves. He is a wise cracking womanizer with an arsenal of awesome one liners such as: groovy, give me some sugar baby, good or bad im the one with the gun, or HAIL TO THE KING BABY
are you with team edward or team jacob, IM WITH TEAM ASH WILLIAMS CAUSE HE COULD DESTROY BOTH OF THEM!
by hail2thaking May 14, 2010
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A scumbag law student who disguises himself as a nice person, but lies and cheats on girls. Also a self-important delusional being who thinks an Ivy League university is going to publish his honors thesis because he's amazing.
by Ashwilliams04 June 02, 2017
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Ash Williams is from the Evil Dead trilogy and is even in comics books,such as Army of Darkness. He was a retail clerck turned savior of humanity, who fights "deadites",possessed corpses. He has traveled time using the necronomicon,and has fought other horror icons,like Jason Voorhees and Freedy Kruger. He weilds a double barrel shotgun(calling it his BOOM STICK) and a chainsaw that fits onto the stump on his arm,caused by him preventing himself getting possessed. Ash is a complete badass who has catchy one lineers ,such as " Groovy ".
Friend 1:Dude, Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series is a badass!
Friend2:Dude,Ash Williams can kick his ass!
by Ashley J. Williams April 16, 2014
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