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A crazy girl with a sweet caring heart and a dirty mind.
Asena always seams to be happy on the out side but is sad on the inside.
She is an amazing friend and is always a shoulder to cry on and will always help you and cheer you up.
"that girl is such a Asena, always caring for her friend"
by Emmi Tomlinson December 30, 2013
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She is caring and smart. She is smarter than all of her friends but never shows it.
She has a lot of great ideas and answers in her head but another person says it before her. She is pretty and one of the best friends u will ever have
She is my favorite person ever. She is an Asena
by 567821 October 21, 2017
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An ugly bitch that scratches people way to much. She sharpens her nails just to scratch you
by cvyrfggoklihujgfvuhjt123 September 08, 2016
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