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From the sanskrit word "asl" which means "one hot mamacita". Thus name is Aseel has become used to describe a woman that encites the must lustful erotic desires. An "Aseel" is a woman that no man can resist and who has driven many men to the edge of madness in their attempts to gain her attention.
Aseel is driving me mad
by love for Aseel February 07, 2010
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A very friendly person that is a seal. Although his is a nice friend to all, he can be a slut around boats and seals.
Oh my god, he is such an Aseel. Look at him looking at those boats.
by GhostyKD September 14, 2017
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Aseel is a very attractive women who men would die for. She's a kind and generous person she's also has a great face even modelling agencies would love to work with her although Aseel sounds like a insanely beautiful women she is also very different in her own way she can act very cool sometimes she was also known as a "Rebel" back in high school she even made it in the cheerleading team she was the girl every guy wanted in high school. You might think that she's very easy to date or make out with but no, you were wrong she's not that type of girl instead she's doesn't focus on guys she just tends to focus on her education. She was the Beyonce in her middle school years!
Guy:Hey,Dude I met this girl Aseel and she's like AMAZING!
Friend:Really? wait, are you talking about that sexy chick who is the next "Beyonce"?
Guy:Yeah her I asked her out today she actually said yes!??!?!!!
Guy:can't wait to go on the date
Friend:I just can't wait what the guys think about you guys dating!
Guy:Anyways dude,I've got to go talk to you later bye
Friend:ok, bye
by UrbanGuy101 July 29, 2017
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Me -" So did you have sex?"
Aseel- "No"
Me-"Did you do third base?"
Aseel -"What's that?"
Me- "Did you kiss?"
Aseel -"No"
Me-"What did you do then?!"
Aseel -"We dry humped!"
by JM 1 Banter March 02, 2011
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